About Me – My Story “Belief in Yourself”


Well, I basically an Engineer and MBA in Marketing, I had a passion for why people acted the way they do. From when I was small, “belief in yourself” was the idiom in which I believed.

After which I entered the field of Counselling and did my MA in Clinical Pyscology. When I was small I had received a “believe in yourself book pdf” which I really enjoyed.

That was wide opener for me as I came to lot of new concepts about Human Behaviour, Mental Health which is highly neglected in India.

I was startled to know the magnitude of statistics of people suffering from low mental health in the beginning. 

Then my passion led me to do a internship at Masina Hospital and a Psychiatrist in Thane, Mumbai. There I had experienced the people suffering with various diseases which I had theoretically studied at I Course of Study. I successfully completed the internship with Hospitals in month of March, April 2020. After that completion of internship, I was thinking about how to utilize the knowledge I had for betterment of Society. Statistics showed that 1 out of 4 suffered from Mental Health Problem. Hence, this is priority of knowledge which I could use betterment for society. Believe in Yourself Stories were the once which kept me going.

I realised it’s not as simple and I had to build my reputation to get any of the new Clients and more importantly, I should understand how to handle these clients. 


So I went ahead and did an job with same psychiatrist where I had taken internship. He also readily made me to work with him. There I performed various courses namely Counseling in Hypnotherapy and also counseling in Yoga. 

After completion of the Job for span of 6 months, I joined an NGO. Then after getting good experience of 1 year, I went and looked for starting on my own. Honestly, I had no idea what I was doing, what I had promised and how to deliver what I had promised. 

But I learnt small courses and learn the nuances of the Test from various courses.

But then I realized that there was not much money to be made and I had family to raise. I can always do this as part time as hobby but full time I need to dedicate to Digital marketing. “The power of believing in yourself” helped me get the power to learn these varied different skills.


And that’s how my journey as a Digital Marketer started.

I wanted to `learn in and out of Digital Marketing. Then I joined a course which was held every Sunday at Thane. I participated in Hubspot Training, where I did lot of certificates. Thus was the experience a very enlightening one. It was then a friend who suggested to do Digital Marketing with Deepak Course. This was total eye turner as I not only learned the in and out of Digital marketing but also I got to learn it with practicals. The practical session were truly an eye opener as I got to face many difficulties during experience. During the webinars he called Sanjay Shenoy, Gaurav Gurbaxani and Siddharth Rajshekhar. This made me to think. So then I joined all the courses. I completed 2 courses only Siddharth Rajshekhar was pending hence I would request him to joint Hackathon afterwards.

During my entire journey of digital Marketing it has completely changed me. Now I find this Digital Marketing very interesting and especially Sanjay Shenoy Internship has given me indepth knowledge about SEO and Content Marketing. Thus this far is my journey so far in field of Digital Marketing.

I am also a bit of an avid reader. I love to read various books, new technologies and also the various subjects that interests me. This not only helps me to increase the scenario wherein the journey seems challenging. I plan to start working on my own. Enough of working for other companies. Now is time to work on my own. Thus so far so good.

Like I always say, dance like no one’s watching, write like no one’s reading