Customer Avataar

About Customer avatar – Brief

A customer avatar is just an imaginary customer for representation purpose . The imaginary customers are obtained by researching existing/ prospective customer demographics and Psycho-graphics behavior. And then by taking an average of existing/prospective customers’ behaviors.

Demographics and Psycho-graphics – Brief

Demographics refer to gender, age, education, profession, occupation, income, marital status, etc. Psycho-graphics refer to your interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes and many more.

You will have two questions now. One is what to do with this data and how to collect this data? Am I right? Don’t worry, I am here to help you understand the customer avatar.

What to do with demographics and Psycho-graphics?

Consider you have a business of Clothes. You decide to collect their data. And you successfully collect 10 customers ages out of which 7 of them come under 30-35 years and the other three come under different age groups. Here the average age group is 30-35 years. Similarly whatever data we collected needs to be averaged.

How to collect Demographics and Psycho-graphics data?

To collect data you need to have a niche or business and your existing /prospective customer.

  • Come up with a set of questions you will be asking your customers.
  • Build a survey form using any survey platform. For beginners it’s always best to use google form.
  • Send the form to your customers and ask them to fill it.

Once you get data average the data obtained as explained EARLIER.

My Customer’s Avatar

Before going to the customer avatar, let me tell you a few things. I am doing a paid internship under Mr.deepak kanakraju  in 2nd batch.

As a part of my second assignment, I have to come up with a customer avatar and write an article about it. As I am interested in Mental Health of Society in large,  I have made a customer avatar for the Mental Health Awareness of public. And I reached my existing customers and I got only 3 responses. With 3 responses I have built the following customer avatar.

  • Niche/Business- Mental Health and Well being for age group 18 to 33 years.
  • Survey form-
  • Responses:3 only. 
  • Responses: My imaginary customer(Buyer Persona/Ideal Customer Profile) is Mr. Sapan, a graduate whose age is 26 years. He is unmarried, working in IT corporate company and earns average income of 7 Lakhs per year. He is based in outskirts of Mumbai.
  • Sapan follows Instagram for ideas to engage his daughter with activities when at home. He is active on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. He is in stressed in a fast paced IT industry. He had done pyschometric test and result been “Mild Mood Disturbance” 

Now what?

  • You might ask, you have an avatar what can we do after that?
  • With the help of a customer avatar, we can Reach our customers whose criteria match the data we have collected. Got it!

What else?

So, the second class was all about customer avatar and a few more important concepts of digital marketing were covered. Do you want to know more about the other concepts covered in the second class?

Second class, we learned the importance of communication and also how to converse with many. And I learned that marketing is all about good conversations and the right customers. As we gain life experiences, we reach the heights of becoming a good marketer. Wow! right.

And there was a surprise element. A special appearance by Kulwant Nagi, India’s top affiliate marketer, who took a class about affiliate marketing and the experience was amazing.

I hope you liked my article and you understood the concept of customer avatar or customer persona.