Digital Marketing Internship: Deepak K Session 1

25th February 2020 is day which I cannot forget as on that day I met one of my Guru of Digital Marketing, 

We constantly hear news about how world is going digital and our PM has told from Red Fort that Digital Marketing is way forward for India. Hence even I thought to get into Digital Marketing bandwagon and wanted to make a mark in this new Rising Field and embrace it with help of Deepak.


With striking features like cost-effectiveness, instant response, flexibility, convenience, effectiveness, Digital Marketing is making a strong impact in the world of Marketing and Advertising. The future scope of the Digital Marketing industry is that there will be more points of contact.

About Digital Marketing Statistics

Statistics of industries in USA(Developed Country) as per Nov. 2019 [US Survey Report]:

  • Marketing – 60% advertisers use video marketing;
  • Law – 25% of Law Firms have an organized content marketing in place;
  • Retail-Top in ROI through digital marketing; &
  • Health – 77% of web users tend to check for online solutions for health problems.

Imagine the scope for India(on verge of being Developed Country). Hence digital is way forward for World and India in particular.

The internship was brought to us by Pixeltrack and Deepak Sir would be teaching it personally. 

I am new to the  field of Digital Marketing. One of my friend from Pune, suggested to me join this course. I then saw some youtube videos on Internet. I was highly impressed by the indepth knowledge and simple ways of teachings by Deepak Sir. I am interested in field of psycology and want to do something for society by spreading awareness about Mental Health through Digital Media.

About Deepak Kanakraju Sir

 A passionate Biker he started his first blog on biking. He is passionate digital marketer and conducts workshop, publishes books and also Mentors. He is one of pioneer in field of digital Marketing in India.(Same like to what Neil Patel is for US ).

When Deepak announced that Amount for Course would be Rs. 14,999 Rs./-, I was not sure whether I will be able to join as I had some other priorities so I paid 5,000 Rs./- and just booked a seat. But then I decided to give time to it and decided to join the course by paying fees. 

Also I am happy that all money will be refunded at end of project, Provided that you complete all these practicals. I am really excited and looking forward. Also Deepak Sir has promised that we will see our new version of ourselves at end of Course . I  promise to give  100% to this course with full dedication.

On 25th February, I was eagerly waiting for Clock to tick 9 pm.

The webinar started around at 9 pm. Deepak Sir gave us some tips – teach other, to help each other. He then explained about importance of Goal Setting in your Life. I felt becoming a student again. Most of people in Internship group are eager to be  Digital Marketing Consultant like me.

Then Deepak Sir shared some Digital Marketing Knowledge, which I could relate as I have done my MBA in Marketing Domain.  I was little bit skeptical of myself that at age of 40,  would I be able to compete with young tech guys. But after session my doubts were cleared and I felt lot more confidence. Then he told everyone to choose one Niche ideas from  career, health and Finance. I immediately had
one Niche namely to Motivate and Spread harmony in Society. But he told to have a narrow niche which I am thinking on.

The Golden Triangle

Deepak Sir told us , Learn to do and teach. If we just learn, we can forget but if we do and teach we learn more and it becomes understanding.

About Global Economics

Then came a  surprise, where I was thinking about learning only Terms of Technology in Digital Economy, but then he started to tell about economics. Deepak Sir gave us insights about Economics of USA, Japan . After hearing I came to conclusion that
India is on verge to take of as superpower status. The recession of economy in India has affected many livelihoods. But then I could agree on logic of Deepak Sir. He gave various examples about how Age and Rise of Country are interrelated.

I was happy to hear that we are at cusp of Economic Revolution.

Concept of Debt

At this age I was considering Debt to be bad. My friends from Finance backgrounds told me that Debt is good for economy. But after hearing the convincing words of Deepak, I came to conclusion that Debt is good
for Economy. He gave an example of “How taking loan to book a house” is helpful to economy as money gets circulated in economy. Cash Reserve Ratio was term which I heard after many years. Money in Circulation comes in Circle. The indepth explanation of Debt was very delightful &  I really enjoyed it.

He recommended to watch the movie “Big shot”.  This Film explains the importance of Debt. I am longing to watch this movie. I was really worried about recession, but because of this Session I came to conclusion that recession will get over. It was “My Bulb On Movement”. I will definitely read the books like “Economics 101” and “Currencies
War” which was suggested. We had a gift wherein we would receive “Edge of Sanity” book.

In between we said Hi to his Startup dog “Maxie”. 

Importance of Communication

Deepak Sir told “We all are salesmen”. We need to communicate our products and services. We all agree that Deepak Sir is good Communicator. Some of points he suggested were to improve our Communication Skill. I am good at  Communication Skill by handling various kind of Roles in my Personality Development Club. He also suggested some ideas about how to improve one’s communication skill like hearing to Podcasts, reading books and writing. He also gave some tips to watch like Standup Comedians, Sitcom and Madmen. I found various new avenues to improvise on my  Communication Skills.

Future of Digital Marketing

Deepak Sir told that Digital Marketing is Marketing and will not die. Digital Marketing is future and is here to stay. I really liked to see myself get into Marketing Department of one of Company.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Deepak Sir told us about how he utilises integrated marketing. Content Marketing 2.0.2 is blog he has written. He then us showed live analytics to check the same. I have learned Google Analytics and hence knew what the analytics says.


He then explained about how his passion for bikes and motorcycles made him money. When you are passionate about something you will excel at something. Yes I totally agree at what he says. He told us about different  niches namely Health, Money and Relationships. He explained each Niche in Detail.

Goal – Crorepati

He explained about importance of Goal Setting. He told us to set a goal for ourselves namely how to be a crorepati in timeline of 3 years. He told by selling 1000 Rs  digital product to 10000 people. He explained about how to use “Google Auto suggest” for ideas. Its free tool which will tell us about the demand and what people search for. He gave us various tools in niches ,wherein we can continue to search for our niches. We can create Digital Product,
Digital Apps to fulfill goal of earning 1 Crore. Also “answer the public”, was other tool of Keyword Research . Some of other tools were Ahrefs, Moz, Ubersuggest which are mix of paid and free tools. He told us about how sales and marketing help us in long term.

About Personal Branding

“The best known, will always beat the best” this was quoted by Deepak Sir. I totally agree in Hindi it is said that (“Joh dikhta hai woh bikta hai”). In my childhood I was part of group which was too shy. Hence i have commited myself to stand out after the session. I want to be unique and stand apart. Then came the Evolution Part study wherein Deepak Sir told why to fit is good for survival. But I have made a commitment to be creative and standout from others. Thanks Deepak Sir about giving the insights
about Personal Brands. I want not to be judged. Even I am an introvert but I too don’t hesitate to put out myself.

An excellent example reiterated was of Elon Musk which I admire a lot. Deepak Sir then explained about the importance of  “Personal Branding” in personal and professional life.

About Funnel

He told a brief walk about how Funnel works. Some new terms like Mind Map, Blogging and others. He also told about his branding strategy by doing various conferences, Pixel track tips, revenue strategy, positioning and audience engagement. “Mind Mapping” and “Mind Mister” were some of tools which were shown and we need to use it for our development.

He has 9500 Instagram followers which is great. I came across new words like drip  marketing, lead marketing which will need some more learning for me. 

I definitely look forward a lot of Value in this Internship Project.

Finally the session ended with assignments.

Some of key  takeaways from the lecture were:

  • Finding Niche before starting blogging.
  • Relationship between Economics and Digital Marketing.
  • Future of Digital Marketing.
  • Importance of Personal Branding.
  • Read Books on regular basis, listen to podcast and write 500 words per day.


Author: [Amit S Chincholkar]

Publish Date: [4th March 2020]